• Minimal lubrication supply output at 0.003 c.c. per stroke based on iSHAN factory test result.
  • Reduce the oil consumption to meet the same required lubrication. Average oil consumption per hour is 2.5 to 5 c.c.
  • Improvement of production efficiency from reducing the high temperature generated by the cutting tool lead to increase the speed and increase the efficiency.
  • Longer tool life:
    reduce tool wear caused by high-speed cutting and extend product life.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving:
    can reduce energy and electricity expenditures, use consumables and long life.
  • Usage for workplace of limited conditions. Pneumatic driven is suitable for non-fire and non-sparkle areas.
  • Improve environment by reducing production of waste oil and avoid environmental pollution.
  • Machining accuracy up: the surface machining accuracy can be improved by minimal lubrication and cooling.


  1. Oil permissible range from 10 to 68 cSt. at ambient temperature 40℃.
  2. Output volume & max. operating pressure based on the condition of oil at 32 cSt. and air supply at 4.0 kgf/cm²
  3. Related test data on the table based on 110V/220V 60Hz of voltage and frequency.

Lubrication system components : YSM008-SE & SP-00-06-10-F01
YSM008-SE & SP-00-06-10-F01 nozzles are suitable for use of minimal lubrication system to dispense mist spray to the lube point.


Instructions & Tips for SSP-MT

  1. Adjusting oil range from 0.003 to 0.03 c.c. per stroke
  2. Fast air flow speed when compressed air pressure is high, therefore the operator shall adjust the air output knob on SSP-MT
  3. Mixing effective of oil & air controlled by air flow and its compressed pressure
  4. For SSP-MT3, air flow requires 300 LPM and compressed air pressure requires 6kgs~8kgs(max.)
  5. Frequency generator requires 170 N1/min (6 kgf/cm²)
  6. Testing result of SSP-MT3
    ・Air compressed pressure input is at 6 kgf/cm2
    ・Coaxial tube 1 meter
    ・Real air flow of output is at 40 LPM
    ・Adjusting range of compressed air output knob : 0~360 degrees max. (one turn) (0 degree = turn off air output)
    ・Frequency generator : 1 stroke per second ; max. input compressed air 8 kgf/cm2
    ・Turn off air output to see if oil pump can carry out
  7. Operation instruction: Min. setting of frequency : 1 second per stroke Max. setting of air pressure : 8 kgf/cm²
  8. Piston pump check before action : Turn off the valve of air output to see if the piston pump work functionally



Diameter of Compressed Air Inlet

Ø8(Air tube)

Diameter of Outlet


Ø4(Oil Tube)


Ø8(Air tube)

Reservoir, Oil Capacity (L)


Output Volume

About 0.003 ~ 0.03 c.c. per stroke

Frequency of oil supply

Max. time up to 20 second per cycle (Adjustable)

Permissible viscosity

10 ~ 68 cSt.

Air Pressure Supply Range

3 ~ 8 kgf/cm²

Adjustable Air flow

Oil Filter

Cover of Piston Pump

Standard protection

Solenoid Valve


Adjustable Air Pressure Regulating Filter


Wiring Connection


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